Vane Gallery

North East Art Gallery


To promote the launch of Vane’s online store by leveraging social media, email, paid ads and social media marketing.


We provided a multi-channel marketing campaign that leveraged their already established audience across social media and their email list. To ensure the launch generated the most sales, we optimised their website to create multiple touchpoints to drive visitors to their store. 

Vane Gallery
Email Marketing
Social media Marketing
Social media Advertising


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ROI in 3 weeks
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"I 100% recommend Noise to anyone, they are incredible and great at what they do. In under a month, they skyrocketed the growth of our online store. I was a little sceptical at first investing in a marketing campaign to launch our store, but in as little as 3 weeks Noise had doubled our return on investment. I love how they really do care about all their clients and get invested in each brand - it’s like we have our own marketing and web department. I cannot thank them enough for their hard work so far and I’m definitely looking forward to the year ahead!"
Chris Yeats
Programme Manager, Vane Gallery

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